Chief Pilot

Andrew is driven to provide clients flawless service delivery and staff an exciting place to work. Having worked in IT for over 20 years, he understands what it takes to deliver successfully. Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, flying and getting a round of golf in.

Ask Andrew About: Strategic planning & execution, technology, culture, aviation


Director - HR & Client Experience

Chief Culture Officer

With 12+ years’ experience in Human Resources, she has a relentless passion for helping others. Thriving on shaping a culture of dynamism and bringing out the best in people, Brandi is laser focused on creating the best company we can be.

Ask Brandi About:Culture creation, On-Boarding and Service Excellence, Dance, Pugs


Manager - SharePoint Solutions

Code Warlock

Rob is a veteran software engineer with the technical and organizational expertise required to complete complex projects on schedule and within the proposed budget. When he is not making magical code, he enjoys playing sports or video games with his daughter.

Ask Rob About: SharePoint, C#, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, TFS, Tennis, Volleyball, Squash


Manager - Managed Services

Indiana of Infrastructure

Clayton is passionate about new technology and how it can improve business operations. He has 18+ years' experience as an infrastructure veteran, thrives on learning, intensive research, and finding innovative solutions to solve business challenges.

Ask Clayton About: Infrastructure, DRP, ISO56K, Cloud Services, Biotech, PC Games, Sunny Beaches


Chief Comforter

Chief Comforter

Bailey may be new to this world but he comes by his role naturally, putting smiles on other’s faces in the office. He’s a people pleaser at heart—greeting clients and employees is what drives him. When not having a siesta, you’ll find him playing with family.

Ask Bailey About: Comforting people, how to read body-language