Region: Alberta, Canada
Industry: Medical

Customer Profile

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is a regulatory body based in Edmonton Alberta with a mission of serving the public by guiding the medical profession. With 100 employees, they are responsible for registering physicians, investigating physician-related complaints, accrediting health facilities and providing ethics and conduct guidelines.

CPSA wanted to reduce the risk exposure related to a paper-based filing system, as well as increase efficiencies through automated processes and secured access to digital content. Quercus provided the architecture, configuration and development expertise to meet the business demands.


Business Situation

CPSA had many paper intensive business processes operating within their departments. These processes created pockets of information that were difficult for CPSA to report on and share internally. A solution was needed that could break down the silos for holistic reporting and reduce the manual processes associated with paper based systems.



Working with IT solutions partner Quercus Solutions in conjunction with their internal team, CPSA adopted a customized solution built on Microsoft SharePoint, coupled with desktop software enhancements to achieve its goals.



  • A paperless office where all content is stored and organized as a digital representation in SharePoint and can be viewed by multiple employees at the same time
  • A fast and effective way to locate content through a single search page
  • A physician profile, providing a single source of truth for all information and contacts related to a physician
  • Individual departmental team sites enabling employees to participate in automated workflows triggered by content arriving at CPSA
  • The application of security by organization roles to ensure content is available only to authorized employees
  • Insights into other line of business data through

What they had to say

  • The SharePoint solution has reduced the risk associated with paper-based files, increased knowledge sharing and provided tools that enable employees to function more productively.

    John E. Swiniarski Assistant Registrar


Regulating the practice of medicine for physicians both past and present resulted in a tremendous number of paper-based files. Managing over one million paper records was challenging:

  • Physician files had to be physically retrieved and checked-out from the records office.
  • A file could only be checked out & viewed by one employee at time.
  • Locating information within a file was time consuming.
  • Physical space to store files was becoming challenging.
  • Amalgamating the information from multiple records within a file for reporting reasons was time consuming.


Many business processes within CPSA are a direct result of a file addition or change. Coordinating tasks within each process amongst the departments presented additional challenges.

  • Some tasks within processes are at risk of being forgotten.
  • At times, employees would need to track down a file from another employee.
  • It was difficult to track metrics associated with completing common tasks within a given timeframe.



Access your content from anywhere with SharePoint

Using Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office business products, Quercus worked with CPSA to design and implement a holistic solution referred to as QUEST.

CPSA was committed to the success of the project, and knew an investment in people and processes was as important as the technology behind it. Leading with a robust staff engagement plan was absolutely instrumental as part of the overall solution.

A profile was created for every past and current registered physician at CPSA. Everything about a physician could be located through the single profile, whether it was in SharePoint or another line of business system. This ensured employees, with the appropriate security level, had the information needed to answer questions, make decisions and complete tasks in a timely manner.

Historical physician files were digitized into PDFs, indexed and tagged with keywords that enabled employees to search through them quickly and easily.

New content received by fax, e-mail, post office mail or phone calls were digitized / captured, classified and imported into QUEST. SharePoint would initiate business process workflows based on the content classification, and include one or more tasks, assigned to one or more employees within CPSA.

A comprehensive and custom enterprise-wide search page was provided, allowing employees to enter keywords as well as other content. Locating physician related content in documents, forms or other forms of correspondence was now available to them in a blink of the eye.

CPSA effectively improved productivity, customer service and reduced risk exposure through the implementation of SharePoint.


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