Region: Western & northern Canada
Industry: Engineering

Customer Profile

EBA, A Tetra Tech Company (EBA) has offices in northern and western Canada. Project teams often consisted of participants from geographically dispersed offices, thus making it challenging for working together on project documents and general information sharing. The email system and existing regional file replication solution was not a long term sustainable solution. EBA turned to Fundy Consulting and Quercus Solutions to research and implement a solution that would enable the organization to collaborate effectively across regions. Fundy Consulting and Quercus Solutions introduced the SharePoint technology platform as an effective long term solution that would meet the current business demands, as well an opportunity for future growth.


Business Situation

Required a collaborative approach to initiating and collaborating on over 10,000 projects each year. EBA wanted to ensure teams had an effective way to collaborate and manage information, such as documents, related to each project.



Working with IT solutions partner Quercus Solutions and Fundy Consulting, EBA moved forward with a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint & Office technologies to achieve its goals.



  • Easy access to approved project templates
  • Enable collaboration on project documents without geographic boundaries psychology profession
  • Automated project site creation by means of a SharePoint workflow enabled electronic form
  • Quick access to content through rich metadata driven search capabilities


Companies with office locations spread across geographic boundaries incur time, distance, cultural and organizational challenges. This was no different for EBA. Collaborating on high quality deliverables across a team located in different regions was prone to inefficiencies.

  • How do I know I’m using the most up to date template for this deliverable type?
  • How do I know I’m reviewing and approving the latest version of this deliverable?
  • How can we keep all the content for this project contained in a way that’s secure, but easy for project team members to access?
  • How can I find the content quickly?


EBA’s existing solution, a stand-alone Web based application for initiating approximately 10,000 projects each year, email for communicating information between team members, and a file replication service for replicating documents between regional file servers. This solution was riddles with inefficiencies. The data collected on the Web application wasn’t used past the start of the project. Information shared in an email wasn’t easily accessible across the team. The file replication service had latency problems, duplication of data causing storage capacity issues, high data bandwidth costs between offices, and many other issues. EBA knew they needed a holistic, longer term solution for collaboration throughout each project.



Access your content from anywhere with SharePoint

Using SharePoint technologies, Quercus Solutions and Fundy Consulting implemented a single integrated platform for collaborating effectively on projects at EBA. Project could be initiated from a link on a central landing page within SharePoint. The web parts would collect data from the project initiator which is then used throughout the life of the project. Upon submission from the project initiator, a workflow started, requiring a project approver to review and approve the project. Once approved, a project site would be created with content, metadata, branding, navigation and security applicable to the type of project. Team members would be automatically added to the site, and an email sent with site location details so collaboration could begin immediately.


  • The most up to date templates were always available through document libraries.
  • The project library was the single source of truth for all deliverables.
  • Deliverables could be edited by multiple people at any time.
  • The project initiation data was reusable. Employees didn’t have to re-enter any of this information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Employees could locate content fast using the Enterprise Search features available in SharePoint.

SharePoint technologies provided EBA a platform for automating processes, capturing and sharing information and finding information they needed quickly, ultimately improving on the quality and timeliness of deliverables to clients.


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