Align your information technology plan with your business.

Creating strategic plans requires an unbiased executive facilitator who knows how to inspire. An information technology strategic plan requires a team that can provide insight into all aspects of technology. Combine an executive facilitator, an experienced technology team, and a proven process, and you have Quercus.

With so many potential technology projects in the queue it can be difficult to determine which ones take priority and how much to budget for them. IT Strategic Plans guide organizations through the decision making process, ensuring IT always aligns with the business

How we can help:
  • Prepare for and facilitate a ½ or full day workshop with representative stakeholders within your organization
  • Identify goals, measures, priorities and a go forward plan
  • Draft your IT strategic plan using our templates
  • Review and revise the plan based on your feedback
Create a strategic IT plan


You have the vision for that new system and now you need to create the blueprint before it’s built. Our professionals can create the system specifications you need using our cost-saving process and templates.


Project planning with ultimate IT support

A successful technology project requires awesome planning. If the team doesn’t know what you want them to build, don’t be surprised if it misses the mark. Cost, schedule and ultimately product quality will all suffer when planning falls short.

Work with our professionals at Quercus and we’ll help facilitate workshops, interviews and other forms of requirements elicitation. Comprehensive system specifications will be cataloged and your delivery team will have what they need to make it a success.


What do we deliver?

  • Background, objectives & vision for the system
  • User profiles – understand the audience using the system
  • User stories – describes the functionality users need
  • Data models – the data you need and how will it be organized
  • Form mock-ups – what the screens will look like


Talk is cheap (or in this case, free). Get in touch to find out what we can do.