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Dynamically switch branding of a SharePoint site for different user groups

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We had an interesting request on a recent project. Our UX designer Emily had come up with a very nice, simple design for the clients new SharePoint site. The design goal was to reduce the complexity of the UI for high level execs who had a specific need for the site. Emily’s design hit this on the head. For the exec assistants however, they needed to see original SharePoint in all it’s glory for the same site.

So we needed away of showing a branded site to some users, and a non branded version to other users.

The solution we adopted was pretty simple in the end: We will create a SharePoint group, called CustomBrand say. Any user in that group will get the branded site, any user not in the group will not.

To implement the brand switching we will do the following:

  1. Create a HTTPModule which will intercept every request going to the SharePoint site
  2. For each request, check if the user making the request is in the CustomBrand group
  3. If they are, apply the custombrand by setting a custom masterpage, otherwise do nothing

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API Security

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Publicly available API’s are rarely open completely to the public; they always employ some method of security or┬átracking to either keep statistics or audit who is accessing them. ┬áSome of the methods often used to track or secure an API request are:

  • API Key: who is making the request? This is often in the form of a key (similar to a product key) that is generated per user.
  • Authentication: verify that the person accessing the API is who we think they are.
  • Authorization: verify that they are allowed to access what they are trying to access.

HR, all they do is hire and fire right? Wrong…

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HR has drastically changed over the years, at Quercus we pride ourselves on having the brightest and the best and it doesn’t stop with HR Practices! So what is it that we do here in HR anyways? We are working to have the best understanding we can have of the business, including customer/client expectations, financial drivers of business success and overall business strategy. Marketing the organization internally to current employees and to external potential employees is also an important yet challenging piece. We strive to understand the business well enough to contribute to the development of organizational strategy and the HR components of that strategy. Being at the table, when strategies are first being considered & contributing to the effectiveness of those strategies by bringing the HR piece/human capital to the table, is an integral part of our role. We look to be the collaborative partner that helps to create competative advantage, who is committed to bringing out the best in the people who work here. Sound fun? It certainly is!

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