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Partial Classing ORM Entities

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I love the idea of splitting code up and using partial classes. This makes life so much easier when dealing with ORM created code, such as that of the Entity Framework and LLBLGen. Here is a very simple example of implementing a partial class to implement some special processing, without having to mess around with the originally defined entity… Read More »

Wordless Wednesday

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Carefully Crafting “Free Agents”…

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Well for those of you who are NFL sports fans, the 2011 season is now underway.  It’s interesting to see all the trades and changes that go on prior to the season beginning and the announcers then weighing in on how each change will affect the team whether good or bad.  Questions come up such as, will the player adapt?  What will the team chemistry be like?  Have they now got a ‘stacked’ team full of strength?  But is it really all about stacking a team full of strong individual players?  OR is there more to it?… Read More »

An Introduction to LightSwitch – Edmonton Dot Net User Group Presentation – September 12, 2011

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On September 12th I presented an introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 to the Edmonton Dot Net User Group (EDMUG.Net).

Here is a link to the slide deck and take-away notes from the presentation…




Wordless Wednesday

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Simplicity of AutoMapper

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One of the basic rules of designing an application is to separate out your data access layer and business layer. But often your data access object’s properties are a fairly accurate representation of the same properties present in your business objects. So, we’re all stuck writing fairly straight forward translation code, until now. AutoMapper handles all the work for you by attempting to resolve the mapping itself by looking for similar named properties. Here’s an example: Read More »

Balance the stakeholder benefits!

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Being a business owner, I can understand that an investment in usability (customer!) must be balanced with revenue, more importantly, profit (investor!). However, a poor customer experience can and will affect sales, reputation, and the potential loss of loyal customers. With the advent of social media, a customer’s experience (good or bad) can be viral! I recently upgraded our home Internet connection plan with our service provider. What is supposed to be a simple upgrade is turning out to be more complicated than it should be (I say this because it isn’t solved yet). Here’s the story, and following that, my recommendations for improvement.

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