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Updating HTML content in large lists

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Microsoft has very good guidelines for how to build applications that can update large SharePoint lists without causing your server to grind to a halt.

The main piece of advice: don’t use the SPListItem.Update method in a foreach loop. They have a very good article here that describes how to build such an application.

The general gist of the approach is to build a MethodFormat of the following syntax:

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SharePoint Online Update

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Microsoft has just released the first update to SharePoint Online and they have added a couple of features that really strengthens the “cloud” proposition to anyone trying to decide whether to keep their SharePoint farm local or go online.

Business Connectivity Services

BCS in SharePoint Online allows us to finally connect internal line of business systems to our SharePoint Online portal. It’s now possible to start generating meaningful dashboards, KPIs and even CRUD (Create, Read, Update Delete)  applications in SharePoint Online that can connect to your internal systems. Read More »

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