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A SharePoint Blog Rollup Webpart

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Filed under Enterprise Search, SharePoint, Software Architecture

We use SharePoint 2010 and the MySites functionality for blogging, so to become aware of an Intranet blog post you need to check your MySite to see any updates. It would be great if we had something on our Intranet homepage that shows us latest blog posts instead.

After some digging around we were left with the alternative of purchasing a 3rd party web part or launching VS 2010 and creating our own. Neither option was very appealing, so we came up with an alternative out of the box solution, with a little configuration thrown in.

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Opening .EML file types in Outlook from SharePoint 2010

Filed under .NET, SharePoint, Usability

If you have ever setup Incoming email on a document library you will have noticed how the emails will arrive into the document library in .EML format. When you click on the .EML file it will either open up in your browser,  or prompt you to Save it to your hard drive. The browser will show  you the main body of the email, but will be missing all the good stuff like TO,CC, BCC Subject, attachments etc.

I’m going to walk you through the steps of setting up SharePoint and IIS to allow you to open these files in Outlook instead. This allows you to see the original email in all it’s glory.

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