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The Focus of Leadership

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I first heard of the concept of Convex Leadership during a TEDTalk by R.A. Mashelkar, when he was speaking at TEDIndia in 2009. His talk discussed breakthrough designs for ultra low cost products being developed in India. Borrowing the concept, Gandhian engineering, from Tata Motors, his discussion expanded on the concept of frugality and challenging conventional wisdom in technological innovations, engineering and new product development. Getting more, from less, for more….. meaning Getting more service, from less resources, for more people. Amazing concept for the manufacturing and production world; especially for a world of depleting resources and a population that can’t afford luxurious overpriced designs.

Going back to the concept of convex leadership, the talk by Mashelkar brought up the idea of how leaders can transform the views and perceptions of those around them to focus and act as one; this type of leadership is needed to take advantage of concepts like Gandhian Engineering. Mashelkar further discusses how he came up with the concept:

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Article source: http://www.robbiemadan.com/2012/01/04/the-art-of-leadership

Video Call Federation with Microsoft Lync to Windows Live Network

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I was recently troubleshooting an issue where Lync clients could not connect via video calls with Windows Live Messenger 2011 clients. The users could instant message each other but video calls would never connect.

The underlining issue for the disconnect is that Lync requires SRTP encryption by default which the Windows Live network does not support.

Assuming that your federation is working to the Windows Live network, we have to insure that the Lync users have Public A/V connectivity:

Set-CsExternalAccessPolicy Global -EnablePublicCloudAudioVideoAccess $true


The second step is to change the Lync encryption requirement fromt required to supported. The Lync client will still try to negotiate an encrypted session first, but if that fails it will allow the unencrypted session with the Windows Live network to take place:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration Global -EncryptionLevel SupportEncryption


You can also apply these commands to a specific policy that you have created. After these commands are entered on the server, wait a few minutes and then sign out and back in to the Lync client. You can verify that change has taken place by looking at the PC to PC AV Encryption in Lync (hold down CTRL and right click the tray icon and select “Configuration Information”. The setting should display “AV Encryption Supported”.

If the encryption level is not changed there will be an error logged on the Front-End server when an A/V call is trying to be established:

Start-Line: SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here
ms-client-diagnostics: 52017;reason="Encryption levels do not match"

Microsoft LightSwitch – Sending Emails From the Client

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Most of you may have already read an earlier post on how to send emails from LightSwitch (seen here). This post extends what was learned in that previous post, and shows how to wire up a button to send an email on demand.That previous post showed a specific function that would send out an email when an entity was added to the database. A helper class was created in the Server project of the LightSwitch solution. Then, when the new record was created in the database, that server code was called and an email went out. Here is how  I did that… Read More »

Article source: http://www.paulspatterson.com/technology/lightswitch/microsoft-lightswitch-sending-emails-from-the-client/

Microsoft LightSwitch – Championing the Citizen Developer

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I recently watched a great webcast by Rich Dudley in which Rich made some very interesting points about what Gartner Research calls “Citizen Developers”. I was immediately intrigued by this Gartner information so I dug a little deeper into this citizen developer thing, and here is what I found…

According to Gartner, “Citizen developers will be building at least a quarter of new business applications by 2014…”.  That, according to the report titled “Citizen Developers Are Poised to Grow”.

Represented by about 6 million information workers, these “latent” application developers make up that same Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch target market.

Very interesting, indeed!



Article source: http://www.paulspatterson.com/technology/lightswitch/microsoft-lightswitch-championing-the-citizen-developer/

ASP.NET MVC vs Web forms? Another opinion…

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We all use development frameworks during the course of our projects. Frameworks help us to be efficient developers by re-using existing components and providing us with avoinding the overhead associated with developing applications.

ASP.NET MVC is still a fairly new framework – the majority of ASP.NET projects use Web Forms and they have been successfully serving client’s needs for years, but the rise of MVC fills a much needed hole for ASP.NET.

ASP.NET has many strengths and weaknesses:
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Article source: http://www.robbiemadan.com/2011/12/18/asp-net-mvc-vs-web-forms-another-opinion

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