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Missing TFS Build Templates

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I am just learning how to use TFS 2010 build services and ran into an issue setting up the default build.  The XAML templates just didn’t exist.  Being my first experience with TFS build I had no idea they were missing in the first place.  I realized fairly early on that something was not quite right with the team project.  I started going through blogs, MSDN, etc… trying to determine where I went wrong but could not find any information on how to create the templates or why they would be missing in the first place.

All the documentation referred to the BuildProcessTemplates folder in source control which was not created with our project.  The  team project was created with Visual Studio 2010 on a brand new TFS 2010 installation.

Steps I took

I created my own test project to try and recreate the issue.  When I created a new team project, the BuildProcessTemplates folder was created and populated with the XAML files.  This obviously confused me as the projects were built less than a week apart.

To solve one issue, I copied the BuildProcessTemplates folder into my existing projects and checked them into source control.  I was then able to create a default build in less than five minutes.  This did not answer why the folder was missing in the first place.

What Happened

I did determine why the original project did not have the Build Templates created but the newly created test project did.  When TFS was installed, the build services were not configured.  The build services were configured after the original project was created.  If build services are not configured, TFS will not create the default build templates.  In hindsight this make sense, if there are no build services why bother with creating build templates.


I learned a few things from this issue, the most important for me being that the default build templates are not specific to a project and can be used in any project to created the default build.

This was my first Blog posting and I hope that it helps some people just getting started with TFS 2010 builds.

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