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jQuery UI elements behaving strangely? The answer may be simple …

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I just was struggling with an issue on a client website for hours where a drop down list was disappearing when I moused over.  I forgot the old standby first thing to check when your jQuery UI elements are behaving oddly.


Check that you don’t have references to multiple jQuery and jQuery UI libraries referenced on the same page!


This is an issue I find can sneak up on you if you use .NET bundling and have leftover jQuery references in your script file.  It can also happen when you hard code your libraries and upgrade without deleting the older reference.  I find the jQuery library conflicts tend to be identified right away because they cause errors on your page.  jQuery UI references can be more subtle though.  So subtle that you might only get an error on one of your UI components.


I don’t know how many times this has happened, or how many more it will have to before I remember to check my library references before I try anything else.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines 101

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Quercus LiQuid for Application Modernization

When thinking about information technology we generally associate the word “server” with one of those big black boxes where all those shared file folders and databases are stored.

I remember the days when large organizations would have special rooms where rows of monolithic enclosers would house a large number of these servers. The whir of  fans and hard drives, and the many arrays of blinking red and green lights, made it feel like you were walking around on Space Station V from 2001 A Space Odyssey (not that I’d know, but that’s what I’d imagine it to be like).

Here’s the layman’s take on what Virtual Machines are… Read More »

Get on the SignalR Bandwagon!

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Quercus PreQuel - Your IT project roadmap.

Momentum seems to be really growing regarding SignalR, ASP.Net functionality that adds real-time features to web development. It’s too early for me to include the details of SignalR into this post – I still have to  get up to speed on it. But my gut is telling me that this is something to pay attention to.

For now, here are some go to resources that I would recommend:

I am sure there is more, and if you know of some, please let me know.

Happy real-time asynchronousness (is that a word?)!

Out of the box document generation in SharePoint

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From time to time I’ve seen people asking how to get SharePoint to generate documents for them. Obviously there are a lot of 3rd party products out there that will do this for you, but I wanted to show a reasonably simple way of doing this using just the SharePoint UI and SharePoint Designer.

This will really work for SharePoint 2007 up to 2013 but for this demo I am going to use SharePoint 2010.
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SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites error – Workaround

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While setting up our new intranet I hit an issue deploying SharePoint 2013 prerequisites on our Windows Server 2012 VM. The error stated “unable to install application server role” and linked to the error logs for my viewing pleasure.
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Using a Custom Template for a Document Library

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“This will really make or jobs easier.”Quercus Customer.

Do you have a strategy behind how you are using SharePoint 2010 document libraries? Is your single document library a dumping ground for all things documents?

How about this as a start; putting some thought into your document management needs, and then implementing a strategy that leverage’s SharePoint features to streamline how you first create new documents. Here’s how… Read More »

Develop SharePoint 2013 Much?

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If your a SharePoint developer be sure to check out this valuable resource… the SharePoint Software Factory, a collection of  development recipes, templates, and all things SharePoint 2013 development goodness.


Look What You Can Do With WinJS

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Are you using Windows 8 yet? If so, be sure to install this free Windows Store app from yours truly…


Yea, we do some hard core enterprise application development here at Quercus, but we also find make the time to keep up with the latest in technologies and trends. Our core values are not for marketing rhetoric. We live by them here at Quercus – we are truly passionate about what we do and we definitely pursue excellence in keeping on top of what is new in the industry. This Windows 8 application is one of many examples this. Read More »

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