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Wordless Wednesday

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Every 60 seconds on the Internet…

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every 60 seconds

A Brief History of Fonts

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If you find fonts interesting, definitely browse some of the history of how typography has evolved over the centuries:

I Love Typography

Western Typography, from a Web Designer’s Perspective

How Power Influences Creativity

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How are power and creativity correlated? Let’s find out.

This piece makes a good case.  Based on their studies they concluded that individuals who felt powerful felt free from influence of others. This lead to feelings of safety and security that encouraged riskier and more creative behavior.

On the other hand, powerless individuals focused on the potential losses and tried to act in ways which would protect against possible threats. They tended to avoid risky behavior and focus on the potential losses, instead of the gains.

How were power and creativity affected when the levels of power were made uncertain or there were changes to the payoffs for creative ventures?

You’ll have to read it to find out!




Windows Phone App Studio

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Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone App Studio (Beta), a browser based tool  that will allow you to create Windows Phone applications without writing any code.

WindowsPhoneAppStudio001(Image courtesy of Microsoft) 


How long  before Google creates a similar tool for Android, and Apple for iOS?

For some time now I’ve been holding off on buying a Windows Phone. My Samsung Android phone meets my needs today. This new Windows Phone App Studio may just push me to get a Windows Phone now.

I suspect this particular offering is one of, or an iteration of, other tools that will progressively enable more EUAD capabilities. It would seem logical that this would evolve into a tool for creating Windows 8 applications, possibly even integrate some of the LightSwitch development techniques.

Are you a departmental end-user (latent) developer or in a full-time developer role? Curious, if something like this be of value to you and your organization?

The Triune Project Team Member

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Cloud Storage Solutions

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Outside of Azure storage requirements for Windows Azure projects, I use cloud storage for two things: syncing photos to all my devices and sending large files to other people. Getting files out into the cloud isn’t even half the battle: it’s all about the OS / device integration.

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