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How is a hand sanitizer dispenser like SharePoint?

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I’ve just been to my local grocery store and as I was leaving I spotted a hand sanitizer dispenser hanging on a wall accompanied by those ominous “wash your hands or else!” signs. Of course being the clean living guy that I am, I wandered over, put my hand under it and … nada. Nothing came out because it was empty. On reflection I think this has been my experience with these 9 times out of 10. Read More »

Changing SharePoint to use a SQL Availability Group Listener

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I had an interesting issue crop up from a client this week. They were testing failover of their High Availability cluster and for some reason SharePoint wasn’t working after failover.

It turns out that SharePoint had been installed months ago, before the SQL Availability Group was configured. Production SharePoint was pointing to the SQLServer\Instance name in the form of Cluster\Prod. Ideally if you are planning to use High Availability then SharePoint should be installed with this in mind.

In order for SharePoint to failover successfully with SQL, we need to change the SharePoint database server to point to the SQL Availability Group listener instead. The listener will then handle redirecting to the active node.

Changing the SharePoint environment to use the AG Listener was actually a lot easier than you (or at least I) would think.

After stopping all the SharePoint services, I simply configured a SQL Alias to let SharePoint continue to use Cluster\Prod even though in reality it was now connecting to the AG Listener:



We tested the failover again and this time it worked successfully.

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