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Trying On New Hats – Videographer

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As a software developer working in a small company, I get to wear many hats. For the first time, though, I’ve had a chance to tap into my more artistic hobbies at work: videography.

Headshots, group photos, stock photography, and event photos are not new to me. I do enough in my spare time that I’ve become Quercus’ photographer.

Haha! Business!

Haha! Business!

"Do go on..." (one of our outtakes)

“Do go on…” (one of our outtakes)

"This shiny slab here is called a monitor."

“This shiny slab here is called a monitor.”

Kalin and Brandi

Kalin and Brandi

Recently, I’ve also had a chance to try my hand at videography at work.

How to set a Managed Metadata Open Term Set in SharePoint 2013

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You would think that when you set the Submission Policy on a term set to be “Open” that this is all you have to do to allow users to add their own values to the term set from input forms.

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What is Cloud Computing?

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If you’re in the IT field you’re probably at your wits end hearing the term “Cloud Computing”. Chances are if you’ll admit that you know that it’s a good thing, you don’t really know why, and you haven’t the time to figure out what it is. Read More »

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