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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Angular.js and My Opinion on Opinionated Software

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If you’re a web developer, chances are you’ve at least heard of Angular.js.

The Angular.js team and others have a lot of good tutorials, so I won’t cover how to use Angular, but rather why.
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Standing Desk – Month Seven

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I’m happy to report that 7 months in, I’m still standing.

My new standing desk setup at a client site.

My new standing desk setup at a client site

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A Simple Optimization to make your Website Faster

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Filed under .NET, JavaScript

Since my first course in Javascript 5 years ago, I was taught like a good web developer that you should always put your javascript declarations in the header tag of your HTML page. The reasoning behind this is quite logical. If you’re attaching and element events to functionality (such as a buttons “onclick” event) you want that functionality defined before a user sees the button.

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