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Electronic and Digital Signatures

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This is Part Two of our ongoing Electronic Records Management series.

What are Electronic Signatures?

ElectronicSigs01Electronic signatures, just like paper signatures, are legally recognized strings of characters applied to a record or document that indicate the signatory’s approval. What differentiates electronic signatures from paper signatures is that their authenticity is verified not by a unique and characteristic pen flourish, but by a digital signature that is unique to each signatory. Read More »

What is Electronic Records Management?

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This is Part One of a multi-part series on Electronic Records Management, or ERM for short. Our next article will focus on electronic signatures and how they may be used with records.


erm01Records Management is the application of processes and policies on a record throughout its lifecycle. A record is an entity that contains evidence a transaction occurred. Examples of records in your organization are likely applications, authorizations, permit renewals, registrations, verifications and licenses.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) sets international standards on everything from occupational health and safety to food safety to business practices. Records management is no exception: ISO regulation 15489-1:2016 is the widely recognized international standard for records management. According to the ISO itself, the standard applies to the creation, capture and maintenance of records regardless of structure or form, in all types of business and technological environments, over time.

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Intranets are useless. Intranets are strategic. #SharePoint

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We have an Intranet?
I don’t visit the Intranet very often, it’s rarely updated. I just use email.
The Intranet doesn’t make my job more productive, so why bother?
I typically can’t find what I’m looking for on our Intranet.
I don’t know how to use the Intranet.
Our Intranet is useless.

Sound familiar? If not, congratulations, you’re one of the few who may have got it right. The primary purpose of Intranets can be summed up in 5 words: “A vehicle for sharing knowledge”

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Start your #SharePoint #Intranet implementation with a vision

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So you’ve heard of SharePoint and how it can help organizations share and search for knowledge and resources. How it can help with productivity improvements. How it can help your team make informed decisions with business intelligence. How it can help… the list goes on! I’m not posting this to tell you all the great things SharePoint can do. I am going to try and influence you to start with a vision!

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Balance the stakeholder benefits!

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Being a business owner, I can understand that an investment in usability (customer!) must be balanced with revenue, more importantly, profit (investor!). However, a poor customer experience can and will affect sales, reputation, and the potential loss of loyal customers. With the advent of social media, a customer’s experience (good or bad) can be viral! I recently upgraded our home Internet connection plan with our service provider. What is supposed to be a simple upgrade is turning out to be more complicated than it should be (I say this because it isn’t solved yet). Here’s the story, and following that, my recommendations for improvement.

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My inaugural post

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The team at Quercus has done an outstanding job preparing our blogging site and sharing some of our experience, skills and opinions. It’s high time I do the same. Blogging has been around for a while, but I’ve always struggled with posting. What can I possibly share with the rest of the world that may be interesting?

thinking I often find myself observing other individuals as they work, and critiquing visual interfaces. These are obviously my opinions, but I enjoy coming up with ways for improvement, typically never written down – just thoughtful thinking. Well, now I have a medium to express my thoughts about productivity and the user experience.

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