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Wordless Wednesday

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Carefully Crafting “Free Agents”…

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Well for those of you who are NFL sports fans, the 2011 season is now underway.  It’s interesting to see all the trades and changes that go on prior to the season beginning and the announcers then weighing in on how each change will affect the team whether good or bad.  Questions come up such as, will the player adapt?  What will the team chemistry be like?  Have they now got a ‘stacked’ team full of strength?  But is it really all about stacking a team full of strong individual players?  OR is there more to it?… Read More »

A Dose Of Reality

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Over the course of my career I’ve witnessed some pretty interesting behaviour from all of the managers & employees I’ve had the opportunity to work with—some surprising, some not, but always good lessons and learning that came through. I’d like to share one of those “lessons” and hopefully help you keep on top of your career and learning.

The instance that sticks out in my mind the most that I think is invaluable for people to grasp (including myself) is the fact that “Perception is Reality.” In this occasion, I happened to be coaching a Leader on how to better relate and deal with their team, as there were difficulties earning trust, gaining acceptance, etc. After a few coaching sessions and a lot of communication back and forth, the ultimate message that needed to be understood that was no matter how you might think you are portraying yourself, you need to be aware of the more subtle messages you might be sending with

behaviour and body language. I think at times, especially professionals in the ITworld, tend to overlook these subtleties. The message sent, can absolutely be different than the message received. When these messages are perceived negatively, they can wreak havoc on your career – and then perceptions really do become reality. Of course it becomes even more convoluted than that since everyone’s view of the world is different. But if you keep this in mind, you’ll be better able to create the right perceptions and keep your career on the upward swing of success. So, how are you being perceived today? Would you follow you? Can you have “meaningful undefended conversation?”

HR, all they do is hire and fire right? Wrong…

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HR has drastically changed over the years, at Quercus we pride ourselves on having the brightest and the best and it doesn’t stop with HR Practices! So what is it that we do here in HR anyways? We are working to have the best understanding we can have of the business, including customer/client expectations, financial drivers of business success and overall business strategy. Marketing the organization internally to current employees and to external potential employees is also an important yet challenging piece. We strive to understand the business well enough to contribute to the development of organizational strategy and the HR components of that strategy. Being at the table, when strategies are first being considered & contributing to the effectiveness of those strategies by bringing the HR piece/human capital to the table, is an integral part of our role. We look to be the collaborative partner that helps to create competative advantage, who is committed to bringing out the best in the people who work here. Sound fun? It certainly is!

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