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I’ve been running my SharePoint dev environments in the Cloud lately. It makes a lot of sense to me, I need AD, SQL and SharePoint and I find that for less than $5 a day I can run those easily as AZURE VMs.

When I’m not using them I shut them down so I’m not paying for them.

This morning I had an interesting issue crop up though. When I tried to remote into my SharePoint VM I was getting a message “The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted”. It refused to authenticate my domain account.



A little background on my Azure SharePoint farm, I’m running a virtual network with DNS, a domain controller and a SharePoint development server. There are some great instructions here for getting something similar setup Step by Step build a free SharePoint 2013 lab.

What is key in this setup is that my domain controller has the same IP address as the  DNS Server. When I hit the issue above it didn’t.


When I checked I noticed that for some reason (my being impatient is probably the reason but well…), my SharePoint dev server had grabbed the IP address. As a result it had no way of communicating with my domain controller and so couldn’t authenticate any domain accounts.

The fix: as old as IT itself really Smile I shutdown my SharePoint vm, shutdown my domain controller. Then restarted my domain controller and waited several minutes before restarting my SharePoint vm. This time the domain controller grabbed the correct IP address. Once I restarted my SharePoint vm I was back in business.

Hopefully this helps anyone who encounters a similar issue.

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