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Items missing from Search Results in SharePoint 2013

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We’ve been pretty busy the last few months putting the finishing touches on a new SharePoint 2013 Intranet for a client. One of the features we have been asked to implement is a detailed search page that pulls information from a third party financial asset management solution.

We have built what I think is a pretty elegant solution using BCS and SharePoint Search that is going to work quite well.

However, during QA a strange issue cropped up. When doing a search for assets, some of them would not appear in the search results.

We were ordering the results based on an asset Id field so I thought it could have been something to do with sort.

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Takeaways from SharePoint 2012 so far

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I’m in the middle of day 2 of the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas and there is a ton of new features that have been introduced so far.

Things that have grabbed my attention the most:

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A SharePoint Blog Rollup Webpart

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We use SharePoint 2010 and the MySites functionality for blogging, so to become aware of an Intranet blog post you need to check your MySite to see any updates. It would be great if we had something on our Intranet homepage that shows us latest blog posts instead.

After some digging around we were left with the alternative of purchasing a 3rd party web part or launching VS 2010 and creating our own. Neither option was very appealing, so we came up with an alternative out of the box solution, with a little configuration thrown in.

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