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The Lion and The Crocodile: The Constant Pursuit of Online Security

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The Lion is in Pursuit. Our Technology is the Prey.

LionCroc01The Internet has opened us up to the planet. Addicted to connectivity, our people and assets are available to attackers almost anywhere, through anonymous, high speed connections. The lion comes in various forms, many of them digital.

How can we measure with confidence that we’re running strong with the pack and have appropriately safe technology, and we’re not one of the sickly laggards, unable to keep up, ripe for the picking?
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Electronic and Digital Signatures

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This is Part Two of our ongoing Electronic Records Management series.

What are Electronic Signatures?

ElectronicSigs01Electronic signatures, just like paper signatures, are legally recognized strings of characters applied to a record or document that indicate the signatory’s approval. What differentiates electronic signatures from paper signatures is that their authenticity is verified not by a unique and characteristic pen flourish, but by a digital signature that is unique to each signatory. Read More »

Ransomware: Understanding and Avoiding System Encryption Attacks

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What is Ransomware?

ransomware01Ransomware is malicious software created by hackers to infect a workstation or file server and encrypt all files so that they are unreadable. Soon after infection, the hacker(s) responsible demand a large sum of money to decrypt the affected files, effectively holding the infected system hostage until the ransom is paid. Many vicious ransomware infections add pressure by imposing a deadline for ransom payment. Depending whether the infected system belongs to a home user, a company or an institution, the ransoms can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Recent statistics from the US government show that ransomware attacks have quadrupled each year since 2013, averaging 4,000 per day. The University of Calgary paid out $20,000 for a June 2016 ransomware attack on their email server. Read More »

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