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SharePoint 2013 – Get Item ID in Search Display Template for Document Library

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My use case was to customize the SharePoint 2013 search results (in a search results web part) for a document to include a link to a custom edit page for the metadata associated with the document. I decided to use a copy of the Item_Default.html search display template as a starting point. Looking at the JavaScript in this page and debugging in it a browser I was able to determine (to my surprise) that the list item ID I need to pass in with the URL I am adding is not already available in the ctx.CurrentItem object. Thanks SharePoint!

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SharePoint 2013 – CSOM Search for User Trimmed Site List

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In a recent project, I had a requirement to get a list of the SharePoint sites that a particular user had permissions to access. I tried using the Server Object Model, Search asmx web service and the REST web service and could not find a solution. I was able to get the search to perform properly, but the results were not security trimmed for a particular passed in user (it always used the credentials that the application was running under).

So my next step was to try the .NET Client-side Object Model (CSOM). Here is the code that produced the user security trimmed search results I was looking for:

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How to set a Managed Metadata Open Term Set in SharePoint 2013

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You would think that when you set the Submission Policy on a term set to be “Open” that this is all you have to do to allow users to add their own values to the term set from input forms.

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Azure VM Issue–The Local Security Authority Cannot Be Contacted

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I’ve been running my SharePoint dev environments in the Cloud lately. It makes a lot of sense to me, I need AD, SQL and SharePoint and I find that for less than $5 a day I can run those easily as AZURE VMs.

When I’m not using them I shut them down so I’m not paying for them.

This morning I had an interesting issue crop up though. When I tried to remote into my SharePoint VM I was getting a message “The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted”. It refused to authenticate my domain account.

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How do you guarantee success?

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Since we officially launched PreQuel in 2013, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it is and what it can do for different organizations. In a nutshell PreQuel is strategic consulting to help you define and articulate your vision for success.

Make sense?

We have had a lot of organizations come to us with great ideas for new technology or improvements to their business processes, but how can they be sure they are recommending the best solution for their organization without knowing all the facts or consulting with an expert? They can’t.

Understanding PreQuel is simple. PreQuel is about engaging a team of our best consultants to meet with you and your interested stakeholders to clarify what the needs and ultimate goals of the business are. Have you considered possible risks of proceeding or not proceeding with your initiative? Do you have a clear understanding of the best solution for your business problem? Let our experts figure that out for you.

Through a facilitated workshop we will ask the right questions and collect the right information needed to create a thorough report for you to share with your business leaders. Don’t walk into murky waters alone. Let us help you clear the way with a vision of where you are going and how you will get there.

Find out if PreQuel is the right step for you. Contact us for a free PreQuel risk assessment today.

Items missing from Search Results in SharePoint 2013

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We’ve been pretty busy the last few months putting the finishing touches on a new SharePoint 2013 Intranet for a client. One of the features we have been asked to implement is a detailed search page that pulls information from a third party financial asset management solution.

We have built what I think is a pretty elegant solution using BCS and SharePoint Search that is going to work quite well.

However, during QA a strange issue cropped up. When doing a search for assets, some of them would not appear in the search results.

We were ordering the results based on an asset Id field so I thought it could have been something to do with sort.

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How is a hand sanitizer dispenser like SharePoint?

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I’ve just been to my local grocery store and as I was leaving I spotted a hand sanitizer dispenser hanging on a wall accompanied by those ominous “wash your hands or else!” signs. Of course being the clean living guy that I am, I wandered over, put my hand under it and … nada. Nothing came out because it was empty. On reflection I think this has been my experience with these 9 times out of 10. Read More »

Changing SharePoint to use a SQL Availability Group Listener

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I had an interesting issue crop up from a client this week. They were testing failover of their High Availability cluster and for some reason SharePoint wasn’t working after failover.

It turns out that SharePoint had been installed months ago, before the SQL Availability Group was configured. Production SharePoint was pointing to the SQLServer\Instance name in the form of Cluster\Prod. Ideally if you are planning to use High Availability then SharePoint should be installed with this in mind.

In order for SharePoint to failover successfully with SQL, we need to change the SharePoint database server to point to the SQL Availability Group listener instead. The listener will then handle redirecting to the active node.

Changing the SharePoint environment to use the AG Listener was actually a lot easier than you (or at least I) would think.

After stopping all the SharePoint services, I simply configured a SQL Alias to let SharePoint continue to use Cluster\Prod even though in reality it was now connecting to the AG Listener:



We tested the failover again and this time it worked successfully.

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