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From Paper to Powerful: Quercus Helps Systematize Business Processes for a Regulatory College

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papertopowerful01Electronic information management systems, such as those available in SharePoint, provide powerful functionality that helps organizations streamline processes, optimize workflows, and minimize paper records. Quercus recently helped Physiotherapy Alberta College – Association improve member data management and associated business processes. Using SharePoint, we were able to create electronic member files, consolidate information sources into a single, easily searchable repository and systematize workflows such as new member registration and renewals.

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What is Electronic Records Management?

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This is Part One of a multi-part series on Electronic Records Management, or ERM for short. Our next article will focus on electronic signatures and how they may be used with records.


erm01Records Management is the application of processes and policies on a record throughout its lifecycle. A record is an entity that contains evidence a transaction occurred. Examples of records in your organization are likely applications, authorizations, permit renewals, registrations, verifications and licenses.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) sets international standards on everything from occupational health and safety to food safety to business practices. Records management is no exception: ISO regulation 15489-1:2016 is the widely recognized international standard for records management. According to the ISO itself, the standard applies to the creation, capture and maintenance of records regardless of structure or form, in all types of business and technological environments, over time.

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Designing for Your End Users, Not Yourself

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As developers, we take a great deal of pride in our work. Most of it is entirely unnoticed by the people that use what we have spent hours building and designing: the end users. That really cool, almost poetic, bit of code we wrote? They don’t see it. They click a button, and the thing works. That’s what they care about. As a developer, that’s what you care about. It needs to just work.

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Surface Pro 3: So Close!

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Photo by Sinchen.Lin

Photo by Sinchen.Lin

I bought a Surface Pro 3 Core i7 512GB and returned it within a week. This is a device I wanted to love. Read on to hear about the the pros and cons of the device, why I returned it, and whether I think you should buy one.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Working with a Designer

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  1. DO: Communicate
    DON’T: Expect a mind reader
    Communication is an integral component to any project, be it design related or otherwise. No communication or miscommunication can tank an entire project. From the first meeting with the designer, work together to create a clear project vision. One of the most helpful pieces of information you can provide during this meeting is a selection of examples of other similar works that you like. Collaboration with the designer during the entire project is also necessary. Establish a communication schedule so that the project remains on track. Ensure that this schedule is adhered to. If a designer doesn’t hear anything throughout the project they assume that everything is going well. No designer is going to be happy if presented with a laundry list of changes at the end of a project.
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Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11

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As a developer, have you worked with a company that refuses to migrate from Internet Explorer 8 to a newer version Internet Explorer due to compatibility issues? Microsoft has done a ton of work to improve Internet Explorer between version 8 and 11:

  • Web apps load twice as fast
  • Redesigned script engine
  • Redesigned layout engine
  • Hardware accelerated graphics


It is a shame that many companies are not using Internet Explorer 11 because of compatibility issues.

Enter Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11. Enterprise Mode provides compatibility benefits for sites designed for Internet Explorer 8 and even Internet Explorer 7. Enterprise Mode will fix many common issues, but not all compatibility issues. Areas addressed by Enterprise Mode include:

  • Changes to user agent string
  • ActiveX controls and other binaries
  • Deprecated functionality
  • Pre-caching and pre-rendering

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How do you guarantee success?

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Since we officially launched PreQuel in 2013, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it is and what it can do for different organizations. In a nutshell PreQuel is strategic consulting to help you define and articulate your vision for success.

Make sense?

We have had a lot of organizations come to us with great ideas for new technology or improvements to their business processes, but how can they be sure they are recommending the best solution for their organization without knowing all the facts or consulting with an expert? They can’t.

Understanding PreQuel is simple. PreQuel is about engaging a team of our best consultants to meet with you and your interested stakeholders to clarify what the needs and ultimate goals of the business are. Have you considered possible risks of proceeding or not proceeding with your initiative? Do you have a clear understanding of the best solution for your business problem? Let our experts figure that out for you.

Through a facilitated workshop we will ask the right questions and collect the right information needed to create a thorough report for you to share with your business leaders. Don’t walk into murky waters alone. Let us help you clear the way with a vision of where you are going and how you will get there.

Find out if PreQuel is the right step for you. Contact us for a free PreQuel risk assessment today.

Opening .EML file types in Outlook from SharePoint 2010

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If you have ever setup Incoming email on a document library you will have noticed how the emails will arrive into the document library in .EML format. When you click on the .EML file it will either open up in your browser,  or prompt you to Save it to your hard drive. The browser will show  you the main body of the email, but will be missing all the good stuff like TO,CC, BCC Subject, attachments etc.

I’m going to walk you through the steps of setting up SharePoint and IIS to allow you to open these files in Outlook instead. This allows you to see the original email in all it’s glory.

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