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Empowering Your Member Base: Member Self-Service

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SelfService01Member self-service is one of the greatest things that the digital age has to offer provincial regulatory bodies. With the implementation of a properly designed online presence, any regulatory body can decrease its direct member interaction by double-digit percentages. An online single point of contact for members to address their concerns – whether it’s membership renewal, a change in membership, membership conclusion, or standard troubleshooting and frequently asked questions – can drastically streamline any regulatory body’s service model.

What is Member Self-Service?

Member self-service allows every member within your regulatory scope to take ownership of their membership by empowering them to complete common administrative tasks themselves without the wait-time on their side or the administrative effort on your side. While paper-and-mail member self-service for tasks such as licensing renewal have been commonplace for years, the increased flexibility and user-friendliness of online self-service systems and electronic records management means that member self-service is now more effective and accessible than ever.

Increased Expectations

The demand for member self-service is growing. New generations entering the workforce are more adept than ever before at maintaining and managing personal affairs online. Universities commonly have proprietary mobile apps that allow their students to register for courses, apply for scholarships and view timetables, not to mention extensive online portal systems where students may do the aforementioned tasks as well as submit assignments and contribute to online discussions of class material. All major banks have online and mobile banking portals for customers to manage their accounts and investments. Even cinema chains have an online presence that allows customers to view movie times and purchase tickets from home before ever stepping foot in the cinema.

As digital self-service continually advances, people are coming to expect the convenience, expediency and ownership it provides.


Increased Value

Shifting simple, everyday tasks to self-service not only engages your members and empowers them to look after their own memberships, it also frees up valuable staff time to focus on other tasks. Strategic self-service system implementations like those on offer at Quercus can provide simple, elegant and robust digital solutions for common administrative processes. A well-designed system with an intuitive interface can provide a positive self-serve experience to your members, and can also increase the efficiency of regulatory interactions for both members and staff.

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