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Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11

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As a developer, have you worked with a company that refuses to migrate from Internet Explorer 8 to a newer version Internet Explorer due to compatibility issues? Microsoft has done a ton of work to improve Internet Explorer between version 8 and 11:

  • Web apps load twice as fast
  • Redesigned script engine
  • Redesigned layout engine
  • Hardware accelerated graphics


It is a shame that many companies are not using Internet Explorer 11 because of compatibility issues.

Enter Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11. Enterprise Mode provides compatibility benefits for sites designed for Internet Explorer 8 and even Internet Explorer 7. Enterprise Mode will fix many common issues, but not all compatibility issues. Areas addressed by Enterprise Mode include:

  • Changes to user agent string
  • ActiveX controls and other binaries
  • Deprecated functionality
  • Pre-caching and pre-rendering

Enterprise Mode can be managed by IT administrators using the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager tool and Group Policy to set registry keys. For more information:

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