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papertopowerful01Electronic information management systems, such as those available in SharePoint, provide powerful functionality that helps organizations streamline processes, optimize workflows, and minimize paper records. Quercus recently helped Physiotherapy Alberta College – Association improve member data management and associated business processes. Using SharePoint, we were able to create electronic member files, consolidate information sources into a single, easily searchable repository and systematize workflows such as new member registration and renewals.

Making the move from paper to electronic content management

electronicdocumentsThe client needed some help transitioning from paper-based member profiles to electronic records. By converting existing paper files to PDF, we were able to seamlessly integrate other types of electronic information, such as email correspondence, and create electronic member profiles in SharePoint. Once migrated, historical and current member data was easily accessible using a simple search function by name or registration number. Not only did the organization regain considerable physical space when the bulky paper files were gone, but staff also noted significantly improved efficiency managing correspondence and documentation in one place and using a Google-type search to access comprehensive electronic member files. No more flipping through paper files!


Consolidated data for improved communication

memberprofileStoring information in a variety of locations made it difficult for staff to effectively assist College members and execute internal workflows. Member data was housed in an electronic registration system, while supporting information was stored in paper files, electronic file shares, MS Access databases and email servers. Within SharePoint, Quercus created individual repositories and all existing information was migrated to each member’s profile. Staff could now access member-specific registration data, documents, telephone and email communications, internal notes, and all information related to professional conduct cases in one place. According to Physiotherapy Alberta’s Director of Registration and Corporate Services Joyce Vogelgesang, “having one central repository for all member information … gives [agents] more confidence in interacting with our members”. The newly consolidated and easy-to-navigate member profiles enhanced service interactions with members and greatly improved internal business process efficiency. “In registration” said Vogelgesang, “we’ve changed some of our workflows, becoming more comfortable with the reality: how quickly we can process information”.


Systematic processes for increased workflow efficiency

workflowPrior to the electronic information management migration, document-based workflows within the organization were entirely manual. To help streamline common processes, such as a new registration or renewal, we introduced document workflow within SharePoint using task and process lists. This streamlined typical business process management from start to finish, while introducing assignable tasks and document tracking. Several tasks are now auto-generated when specific documents arrive in member profiles, and staff can create other processes and tasks as needed. Task details are also stored within individual member profiles, but are also accessible from a centralized staff portal, which drives daily staff work. Staff are now able to monitor and manage their own daily workloads and can easily track any member’s ongoing transactions.

Clients are often surprised how simple the transition from paper-based records to an electronic information management system can be. For the Alberta Physiotherapy College – Association, the systems Quercus created within SharePoint transformed daily business processes and significantly improved overall efficiencies.


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