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Is Cloud-based Identity Management Right For You?

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How many passwords does it take to screw in a light bulb? Or, how many passwords does it take to use all your cloud and on-premise services?

Yes, I too suffer from password sprawl. This is mostly due to how quickly I take to the latest and greatest cloud service offerings. I can easily put the blame on my need to vet and review new cloud related products and services, whereas in fact the blame is completely on me for being very curious about the latest in shiny and new technologies. The more I abstract the things I do with technology, the more identities I seem to need.

Traditional on premise IT infrastructures typically include identity management tools, such as Microsoft Active Directory. The huge growth in the use of devices, and how people are using those devices for both internal enterprise applications as well as consumer cloud services, is challenging the way enterprise manage IT.

Check out this great article by Quinton Wall, Director of Technical Platform Marketing at Salesforce.com.  The article talks to the issues about identity “sprawl” in the context of cloud computing. I especially like the recommendation that organizations should transform identity management from the traditional on-premise model to a cloud-based identity management model. Maybe there are alternatives that you can easily leverage today?

Moving to a cloud-based model is only part of the solution pie. There still needs to be the transformation of the organization’s governance model too.

What do you think? Are you in favor of, or skeptical of cloud-based identity management?



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