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My inaugural post

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The team at Quercus has done an outstanding job preparing our blogging site and sharing some of our experience, skills and opinions. It’s high time I do the same. Blogging has been around for a while, but I’ve always struggled with posting. What can I possibly share with the rest of the world that may be interesting?

thinking I often find myself observing other individuals as they work, and critiquing visual interfaces. These are obviously my opinions, but I enjoy coming up with ways for improvement, typically never written down – just thoughtful thinking. Well, now I have a medium to express my thoughts about productivity and the user experience.


My Flight Home

Onboard PurchasesI was on a commercial flight home with my family, returning from vacation in Ontario. Shortly after take-off, the flight attendant went through the isle selling headphones for $2 or $3 (can’t recall). Purchases on this flight (and most I think) can’t be made with cash – so credit is the only option. The attendant had a portable credit machine where she’d authorize your card and print out the receipt. On average, it was taking about 2 minutes per passenger. Some point of sales, however, were troublesome. The portable credit unit was “not cooperating” and once even ran out of paper for the receipt. In these instances, the passenger was waiting up to 5 minutes for a $2 pair of headphones. Ridiculous! There has to be a better way…

  • Keep the credit card and email for passengers on file, have a portable device where the attendant selects the seat # and product, email the receipt
  • Order items from the interactive seat video screen


oxygen bottle Extra AssistanceA lady in the isle left of us required oxygen throughout her flight. The crew had planned for this need, having multiple portable bottles (portable is a bit of a stretch) of oxygen stocked. The bottle seemed to last about ~45 minutes thus the crew was tasked to switch it often during the 4 hour flight. No big deal! Wrong. The lady was sitting in the window seat with 2 passengers seated next to her. Every 45 minutes the passengers, whether sleeping, eating or watching a movie, had to get up so the crew could replace her bottle. As an aside, we can all take notice that being healthy is a blessing so having to get up for someone who needs assistance should not be a chore. However, why not have the lady in an isle seat where it’s more convenient to switch out the bottle for the crew and the other passengers? The only reason that comes to my mind is in the event of an emergency the other passengers are able to quickly evacuate the plane. What do you think?
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