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My SharePoint project requirements were to show calendar items on a site home page in a list format filtered to show only the future events (Start Time greater than today). I have a calendar list with items that use a custom content type where the parent content type is Event.

I added a SharePoint Content Query Web Part (CQWP) to the home page and started to configure it.

I wanted to set the Source to be “Show items from the following list”, but when I selected this, the “Start Time” column is not displayed in the “Additional Filters” dropdown. What’s up SharePoint?



Luckily in my case I was using a custom content type that is only used in one list in the site so I could select “Show items from the following site and all subsites” and then select the content type and the “Start Time” column was displayed in the “Additional Filters” dropdown.  I still do not know why “Start Time” is not displayed when the source is a specific.  If anyone knows then please share the SharePoint knowledge.




Then I set “Additional Filter”:

  • Start Time
  • Is greater than
  • Today




And finally I set the Presentation:

  • Sort items by
    • Start time
    • Ascending
  • Styles
    • Title and description
    • Title = Title;
    • Description = Start Date; NOTE: “Start Date” not “Start Time” (I’m unsure why this is the case because the InternalName for the column is EventDate)




This provides the following output:




Happy SharePointing!

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