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SharePoint 2013 Issue Tracking List: Versioning/Comments Dependency

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In SharePoint 2013 by default, the Issue Tracking list has versioning enabled and the Comments column has “Append Changes to Existing Text” enabled. These two settings are dependent on each other and the comments fields allows for multiple edits which will each have a unique date/time stamp.


View Item Properties


Edit item Properties


If you want to append changes in the comments column then versioning needs to be enabled or if you want versioning disabled then you need to disable appending changes on the comments column. Disabling versioning and leaving append changes in the comments enables results in the following behavior.


View Item Properties – only the latest comment is displayed


Edit Item Properties – none of the comments are displayed (thanks SharePoint)


When using the SharePoint Issue Tracking list this dependency needs to be considered and the settings need to be decided before data starts being entered into the list.


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