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Start your #SharePoint #Intranet implementation with a vision

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So you’ve heard of SharePoint and how it can help organizations share and search for knowledge and resources. How it can help with productivity improvements. How it can help your team make informed decisions with business intelligence. How it can help… the list goes on! I’m not posting this to tell you all the great things SharePoint can do. I am going to try and influence you to start with a vision!

A vision for your SharePoint implementation, an Intranet for example, provides all stakeholders with an understanding of what the solution looks like 2-5 years in the future. It’s not unlike your corporate or departmental vision statements – a mind-blowing, impactful 2-3 sentence utopia statement.

A vision helps keep the project focused, engages your employees, get’s them excited about what’s to come and improves the odds for successful adoption. But the vision statement is only the end of the beginning. Creating a vision involves a process, and requires a committment starting with the executive team. Many projects fail, not necessarily because of the technology used, but because the wrong problem was solved and/or adoption was low.

So how do we increase the odds of a successful SharePoint implementation (or any other project for that matter) ? Conduct, what Quercus calls, a “visioning engagement”, whereby we facilitate a workshop, bringing together your leadership team, representatives from executive, department heads, and some senior front-line employees.

Typical workshop agenda:

  • Introductions: Welcome and introduce workshop participants.
  • Session Overview: Walk through workshop agenda and describe the purpose of today’s session.
  • What is an Intranet? Provide an “Intranet Primer”. Ensure that everyone understands what an Intranet is so that they are able to participate fully in the visioning exercise.
  • Defining the Pain: Identify and prioritize current organizational challenges that could be alleviated via an Intranet.
  • Finding the Solution: Identify the different ways that the Intranet can be used to alleviate the pain points defined in the prior exercise.
  • Setting Priorities: Allow all participants to weigh in on the relative importance of the various Intranet functions identified.
  • The Road Ahead: Provide a peek into the next steps for a successful Intranet deployment, including project roles and key change management issues like training.

Although challenging to get participants in the same place at the same time, a workshop is one of the best ways to create positive momentum for your Intranet project. The result, a document that articulates the prioritized pains, a vision for what the solution will look like, and a strategy for forging ahead. Equaly as important, you’ll get buy in from everyone about why you are doing this, and how it can help improve their job.

Of course, if you need a little help from the experts, you can always contact us and we’ll work with you through this important first step! Contact me at 780 784 1005. Good luck with your project!

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