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Using SharePoint 2010 List and Library Alerts

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Helping People Do Their Jobs Better…

In my last post I showed you how to create an alert on a document. The alert was configured to send a notification whenever a change occured to the document. In this post I’m going to show you how to create an alert at a Document Library level.

Sometimes you may find the need to be notified whenever anything changes within a library or list. An alert set up for an specific object, like a list item or document in a library, is good if you want to only be notified for that specific item. But what if you need to be notified about changes to all the items in the list or library? Here’s how… Read More »

Using SharePoint 2010 Item and Document Alerts

Filed under Productivity, SharePoint

Helping people do their jobs better…

A lot of seasoned SharePoint users know of it, but how many actually use it? I’m talking about the Alerts feature in SharePoint 2010.

Alerts are a great way of being pro-active when using SharePoint. Alerts let you track what is going with lists, libraries, and various other items and objects in SharePoint. Receive alerts when and item or document is changed, or even when something happens on a list or a library. Here’s how… Read More »

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