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Are you getting what I’m putting down??

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It has been several years since my University days, but I think back to my intro Organizational Management course and vividly remember a topic we covered on effectively communicating in the workplace. I remember scoffing at the idea of talking about such a common sense topic. People should just know how to communicate effectively with others. Communication is so basic and such a huge part of our lives as human beings. We spend so much time communicating with one another through various mediums yet there are people out there that aren’t great at communicating effectively. And when I say effectively, I mean getting your intended meaning across to another human being. Should be super easy, right?? WRONG.

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The Basics of Business Analysis

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As Quercus’ resident UX Specialist, my recent venture into the BA world has been an interesting one. Working with the fantastic business analysts we have here as mentors has been incredibly beneficial, but when I heard about the Basics of Business Analysis course being offered at Grant MacEwan I couldn’t help but attend.
The course offered a high level introduction to the ideas and theories behind business analysis. Thanks to a great instructor, Dune Nguyen, the content was not only fascinating, but also easily applied to scenarios to situations outside the BA world. Dune offered some tips for success which can prove useful no matter your role:

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