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Fixed and Percentage Width settings together in CSS

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Sometimes in setting a layout of an application you might want to combine a fixed width item and have the other items resize based on the size of the window. This would be combining fixed width and percentage widths in an applicaiton. We recently encountered such an issue in the development of our Subtrade Invoicing System. Read More »

CSS: The difference between display and visibility

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A lot of developers struggle with understanding the difference between CSS’s visibility and display styling attributes. It’s caused headaches for users who wonder why their webpage has content jumping all over, or why there is a big empty space in the middle of their content. ┬áIf you aren’t fully familiar with the difference, you might assume the following were basically identical:

h1.hidden {visibility:hidden;}
h1.hidden {display:none;}

However, these two class definitions will do two very different things.

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