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Look What You Can Do With WinJS

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Yea, we do some hard core enterprise application development here at Quercus, but we also find make the time to keep up with the latest in technologies and trends. Our core values are not for marketing rhetoric. We live by them here at Quercus – we are truly passionate about what we do and we definitely pursue excellence in keeping on top of what is new in the industry. This Windows 8 application is one of many examples this. Read More »

CSS: The difference between display and visibility

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A lot of developers struggle with understanding the difference between CSS’s visibility and display styling attributes. It’s caused headaches for users who wonder why their webpage has content jumping all over, or why there is a big empty space in the middle of their content.  If you aren’t fully familiar with the difference, you might assume the following were basically identical:

h1.hidden {visibility:hidden;}
h1.hidden {display:none;}

However, these two class definitions will do two very different things.

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jQuery Function to check if an HTML Element is Visible

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An interesting issue that you might have run into when writing jQuery code for your page; is a particular element currently visible in the users browser?  I found this little bit of code today in my travels on Stack Overflow (original post here).  The function will return true if an element is ENTIRELY visible by the current browser, and returns false otherwise.  Useful for those times when you may want to be loading content or setting focus on elements that are/aren’t currently in the users view.  Here’s the code for the function:

function IsElementEntirelyVisible(element) {
    var off = $(element).offset();
    var t = off.top;
    var l = off.left;
    var h = $(element).height();
    var w = $(element).width();
    var docH = $(window).height();
    var docW = $(window).width();

    return (t >= 0 && l >= 0 && t + h <= docH && l + w <= docW);
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