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Application Types

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Yes, a rich internet based web application would be awesome, but is it really what you need? I would love to own a new Porsche 911, but not if I am using it to haul around building supplies for my construction company (unless it was balsa wood, maybe).

Just like using the right vehicle for the job, so should you be using the right software application for the right job. Here is an overview of the different application types that exist today, and some information about each to help you better understand your options when considering a new software application… Read More »

Usage Scenarios – Real World Information Gathering

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Let’s say you are a key system user or maybe a business subject matter expert. What would you typically tell someone when you explain what you do to accomplish a specific task? How about if you were to sit down train a new employee on a computer system. What information would you give to that new employee so that the employee can better learn how to do the job that needed to be done?

Just like training a new employee for a job, gathering information for software development projects requires a great deal of diligence. Not enough training, or giving a new employee the wrong information, could have a dramatic effect on how that new employee performs their tasks. Gathering the wrong requirements for a software project would have a dramatic effect on the delivery of a valid solution. Due diligence is required for software project requirements information gathering – making sure that the right solution is created for the right reasons. Read More »

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