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The Official Release of Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch HTML Client

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Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 has been officially released. This means that the RTM of the new LightSwitch HTML client tools. This update will give developers the ability to create HTML5 and Javascript clients using Visual Studio LightSwitch.


A few important resources for you the look in to:




Is Your Technology Solution a Good Fit for the Cloud?

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Are you considering, or just wondering about, how you might be able to leverage the “cloud” for your software application?

Let’s put this into a scenario… You are at an organization where all of your information technology resides on-premise. The desktop workstations and laptops are all interconnected via an internal network and connectivity is available to internal email, application, database, and file storage services. Heck, let’s say that even your phone system uses a centrally managed IP based software solution.  Everything you need for your day-to-day operations is available within your organization’s self-managed and on-premise technology infrastructure. Read More »

Microsoft LightSwitch – HTML5 Client

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Oh Yeah!

Just when you got over the excitement of LightSwitch’s oData support, Microsoft has announced upcoming LightSwitch support for HTML5 JavaScript based clients!

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Article source: http://www.paulspatterson.com/technology/lightswitch/microsoft-lightswitch-html5-client/

Microsoft LightSwitch – Sending Emails From the Client

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Most of you may have already read an earlier post on how to send emails from LightSwitch (seen here). This post extends what was learned in that previous post, and shows how to wire up a button to send an email on demand.That previous post showed a specific function that would send out an email when an entity was added to the database. A helper class was created in the Server project of the LightSwitch solution. Then, when the new record was created in the database, that server code was called and an email went out. Here is how  I did that… Read More »

Article source: http://www.paulspatterson.com/technology/lightswitch/microsoft-lightswitch-sending-emails-from-the-client/

Microsoft LightSwitch – Championing the Citizen Developer

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I recently watched a great webcast by Rich Dudley in which Rich made some very interesting points about what Gartner Research calls “Citizen Developers”. I was immediately intrigued by this Gartner information so I dug a little deeper into this citizen developer thing, and here is what I found…

According to Gartner, “Citizen developers will be building at least a quarter of new business applications by 2014…”.  That, according to the report titled “Citizen Developers Are Poised to Grow”.

Represented by about 6 million information workers, these “latent” application developers make up that same Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch target market.

Very interesting, indeed!



Article source: http://www.paulspatterson.com/technology/lightswitch/microsoft-lightswitch-championing-the-citizen-developer/

An Introduction to LightSwitch – Edmonton Dot Net User Group Presentation – September 12, 2011

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On September 12th I presented an introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 to the Edmonton Dot Net User Group (EDMUG.Net).

Here is a link to the slide deck and take-away notes from the presentation…




I’ll be Speaking at EDMUG on September 12 2011

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On September 12, 2011 I’ll be speaking at the Edmonton .Net User Group (EDMUG). I’ll be presenting an overview of the recently released Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011. RSVP via the EDMUG Meetup site at www.EDMUG.net.


Save Time and Money with Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011

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Creating quality line-of-business software applications has never been an easy, nor cheap, proposition for any organization. Larger organizations have the advantage of large budgets and vast resources to mitigate the risks that go along with custom software development projects. Smaller organizations, however, usually can’t afford the time and resources it takes to create the custom software solutions they might need. Building custom software to meet a business need was usually a game that only those in the big leagues could play. Read More »

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