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Windows Phone App Studio

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Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone App Studio (Beta), a browser based tool  that will allow you to create Windows Phone applications without writing any code.

WindowsPhoneAppStudio001(Image courtesy of Microsoft) 


How long  before Google creates a similar tool for Android, and Apple for iOS?

For some time now I’ve been holding off on buying a Windows Phone. My Samsung Android phone meets my needs today. This new Windows Phone App Studio may just push me to get a Windows Phone now.

I suspect this particular offering is one of, or an iteration of, other tools that will progressively enable more EUAD capabilities. It would seem logical that this would evolve into a tool for creating Windows 8 applications, possibly even integrate some of the LightSwitch development techniques.

Are you a departmental end-user (latent) developer or in a full-time developer role? Curious, if something like this be of value to you and your organization?

Look What You Can Do With WinJS

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Are you using Windows 8 yet? If so, be sure to install this free Windows Store app from yours truly…


Yea, we do some hard core enterprise application development here at Quercus, but we also find make the time to keep up with the latest in technologies and trends. Our core values are not for marketing rhetoric. We live by them here at Quercus – we are truly passionate about what we do and we definitely pursue excellence in keeping on top of what is new in the industry. This Windows 8 application is one of many examples this. Read More »

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut Keys

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With Windows 8 there is some adjustment in getting around to find common things that you were use to in Windows 7. Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use:

Windows  – Toggle between Desktop and Modern
Windows + I  – Settings (Restart, Shutdown, Network, etc.)
Windows + X – Common administrative tasks menu
Windows + (number) – Opens the (nth) application on the taskbar in desktop view
Windows + Ctrl + Shift + (number) – Opens the (nth) application on the taskbar in desktop view with elevated privileges
Windows + C – Charms bar
Windows + D - Desktop
Windows + B – When in Modern, shortcut to notification area
Windows + M – When in Modern, shortcut to Desktop and minimizes all apps
Windows + Q – Shows Apps with search
Windows + W - Settings search
Windows + E – Opens Windows Explorer
Windows + R – Opens Run Window
Windows + T – Display thumbnails of open apps for each Taskbar icon, repeat to cycle through
Windows + U – Ease of Access Center
Windows + P – Projector, extend display options
Windows + = – Zoom
Windows + F – File Search
Windows + H – Share options
Windows + K – Share devices
Windows + , -  Preview desktop
Windows + L – Lock Computer
Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Task Manager

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