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Windows Phone App Studio

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Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone App Studio (Beta), a browser based tool  that will allow you to create Windows Phone applications without writing any code.

WindowsPhoneAppStudio001(Image courtesy of Microsoft) 


How long  before Google creates a similar tool for Android, and Apple for iOS?

For some time now I’ve been holding off on buying a Windows Phone. My Samsung Android phone meets my needs today. This new Windows Phone App Studio may just push me to get a Windows Phone now.

I suspect this particular offering is one of, or an iteration of, other tools that will progressively enable more EUAD capabilities. It would seem logical that this would evolve into a tool for creating Windows 8 applications, possibly even integrate some of the LightSwitch development techniques.

Are you a departmental end-user (latent) developer or in a full-time developer role? Curious, if something like this be of value to you and your organization?

Windows Azure Virtual Machines 101

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Quercus LiQuid for Application Modernization

When thinking about information technology we generally associate the word “server” with one of those big black boxes where all those shared file folders and databases are stored.

I remember the days when large organizations would have special rooms where rows of monolithic enclosers would house a large number of these servers. The whir of  fans and hard drives, and the many arrays of blinking red and green lights, made it feel like you were walking around on Space Station V from 2001 A Space Odyssey (not that I’d know, but that’s what I’d imagine it to be like).

Here’s the layman’s take on what Virtual Machines are… Read More »

Windows Azure Event – Friday November 9th 2012

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On Friday morning, November 9th  Quercus Solutions is hosting a free Microsoft Windows Azure event. The event will include presentations, including technical demontrations, of Microsoft’s cloud-computing services called Windows Azure.

This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about Windows Azure cloud-computing services. Representatives from the both the Quercus Cloud Practice team and Microsoft will be available to answer all your cloud-computing questions.

We have some seats available and if you are interested in attending, please let us know immediately because the seats are filling up quickly.

If interested, you can call Paul Patterson at 780 784-1010, or email him at Paul.Patterson@QuercusSolutions.com for more information.

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